Who Are We ?

Basım Ajansı has a decisive and active role in advertising industry with more than 10 years of experience. It closely follows technological developments. With its young and dynamic staff, it has acquired quality as its mission. It aimed to be the leader of the industry with its production and service quality without entering the competition in market conditions.Basım Ajansı does not only produce in the direction of customer demands, it establishes closer relationships with customers and think for them. It produces more accurate, more effective and faster advertising products by using the right materials and effective visuals. Basım Ajansı, combines the right strategy with up-to-date technology before and after sales in all its projects. All in all, the only purpose is; to achieve top quality and the fastest results.

Our Philosophy
With our expert team and wide supplier network, we do the desired job, with the best quality and the at the desired time and place.

In accordance with the brief received from you and considering the needs and the preferences,  product display stands, in-store product stands, indoor and outdoor signboard and directions, sales support (pop) products or decorative product designs that you imagine are made. Our industrial design process begins with the brief received and continues until production. In this process, the hidden or clear needs of the customer are determined.From the idea stage to the production stage, continuous controls are provided by being in contact with the customer and the approval process for the production phase is entered.

Production and Assembly

Designs that are ready for production and approved are taken to planning for production. The production phase begins by selecting the most suitable materials. The production is completed in the direction of the targeted deadlines without going out of the designs made. assembly planning is done according to customer demand. After the necessary conditions are met, the product is delivered.

After Sales Services

The usage details of products assembled or delivered directly are transferred to the customer. If necessary after the use of the product, demount service and storage service are given according to the availability of high volume products on demand. The products that are not used and demounted are returned to the customer to the customer according to the availability of recycling